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CMB Regional Account Manager


CMB is providing an alternative to setting up your own company by a work–life balance, which is the balance that an individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. Many small companies find it very stressful, working long hours, little holiday, cashflow problems and almost impossible to grow. Never mind the accounts, VAT returns and endless forms to fill in.

How it Works

You spend your time building up prospects, creating sales and then servicing those accounts. No different to an Account Manager working for a marketing company. The main difference is you're working for yourself on a self employed basis, so hours and holiday to suit you. So you'll receive payment on all new and repeat orders at the same rate, which means your monthly sales will be a balance of new business and repeat orders.


Even though this is a self employed position, CMB sees this as a 50/50 Partnership, as both parties will reply on each other to succeed. This means all items sold including services will receive 50% of the profit. So honesty is the most important aspect of this relationship, as we reply on you going through us for all services and goods and we'll provide you truthful information on the costs.


The CMB support team will help you be successful by allowing you to carry on with customer relationship building and selling as we'll do the rest.
1.) Zoho CRM - we use this platform to management your prospects and customers. This also forms part of CMB marketing strategy.
2.) Marketing Strategy - Before a customer becomes a client there has to be an average 7 forms of contacts, either by telephone, meeting, email, mailshots, etc. CMB marketing team will use your prospects and customer details from Zoho CRM during this process.
3.) You'll be allocated an assistant, who will provide your quotes, process your orders just the same as you worked within an organisation.
4.) Provide a VOIP phone system that you can call the prospects from, link to the office together with a headset. It will link with your Zoho CRM system, click on the phone number and your phone will dial.
5.) Often said it's better to create your own database, but if required CMB will supply a database for your area to help you get started.

Material Support

CMB have websites, brochures and samples to help support you to achieve your sales. This is important when visiting clients, which is the best way to make long and established relationships.

What to Sell

CMB agency brings together all the different services offered to CMB. Here's a list of our independent websites,,,,, and a specialise one for the Motortrade .
Although we've a large selection of services and products, your focus will be to promote the agency and leave the CMB marketing team to keep your customers informed of our many aspects.


It's not easy picking a career, but CMB has something unique to offer. We know it's not for everybody, so we've created this checklist to see if it helps. It's a self employed position, although we can administrator the 50/50 payment scheme through our payroll if necessary. CMB offers all types of marketing services, so the roll requires excellent communication skills and energy to make contact and sell. A typical company like this local Accountants & Tax Advisors purchases from us many items, such as designing, brochures, name badges, business cards, Christmas cards, promotional pens and bags, backlit posters and polo shirts.

Skills Required.

High level of motivation and drive to succeed.

Comfortable using the telephone and talking to sales prospects.

Computer skills using software like Zoho CRM and email. (Training given)

Being able to deal with sales objections and able to articulate the value of our services.

Homebase office work.

Active listening technique, means to fully concentrate, understand and to respond to your clients needs.


What Money I'm I Likely to Earn?

The obvious answer would be it depends how good you're at selling, together with the hours and hard work you put in. Whatever you sell it will be 50% of the profit, this is also the same amount for repeat orders so it's important to build up your clients.
Most orders are marked-up by 55% therefore retaining 35%, so every £1000 the profit will be £350 so you earn £175. A full time Account Manager over time would be expected to sell between £5,000 -£7,000 gross profit a month.
The tables below show you an easy guide to illustrate the profit you make in relation to a monthly salary.

This would mean selling around £7,150 of goods & services per month.
Equal to salary

This would mean selling around £14,300 of goods & services per month.
Equal to salary

This would mean selling around £21,500 of goods & services per month.
Equal to salary

This would mean selling around £28,500 of goods & services per month.
Equal to salary


1. Hours and holidays to suit.
2. Be your own boss, without the hassle of running your own company.
3. Earn very good commission, how many agencies offer such large percentage like CMB.
5. Paid same 50/50 rate on repeat orders.
6. No accounts and VAT to file.
7. CMB to finance the orders, all of your clients will be invoiced through our Hitachi Capital Finance system.
8. Training given, also you'll have a support administrator to help you.
9. Free brochures sent out to your prospects.
10. Can take on other employees to grow your franchise.


1. No guaranteed wages.
2. Often a home base role, but if you prefer a team role then suggest to look for a desk to rent. Normally £200 per month.
3. Must be self motivated, otherwise you'll not be able to create the sales needed to earn the money.
4. No defined rules.
5. Many services & products to sell, can become confusing so important to have a clear and concise path to generate sales.
6. Need to pay your own tax unless opt for CMB payroll.
7. When working from home it's very easy to find excuses not to put the hours in.