Design & Print

Creative Design & Print go hand 'n' hand to promote the Voice of Your Brand. Whenever possible our designers will use your brand style guidelines to ensure we keep a constant identity throughout all types of media. If these guidelines are not available we'll discuss with you the colour schemes most appropriate for your business.

Our Graphic Designers - Often the most frustrating thing for clients is the understanding of your requirements, our graphic designers take this on board and we offer a fixed price for each job to guarantee your satisfaction.

By using our graphic design service, there's no need to worry about getting your artwork in the exact format to send to your printer as we can offer the full range of print at fantastic prices. Please visit our separate website to see our prices alternatively click here to see an itemised list of products we supply.

Logo Design - We offer a logo design service, it might be that you'd like an update on your existing logo or a complete new one.

Vector Redraw - We take your existing artwork, normally a picture file like jpg and redraw into a vector file. In many cases, the only logo a client may have is a low resolution image from their website.

Vector Redraw

Brochure Design - The main part of the design is keeping your brand style throughout the brochure. Once the front and back covers have been created, the page template will be made based on the cover design to give that professional feel throughout. Once all the brochure is complete, then it's time to decide on the materials to print on. Most clients will have a thicker cover usually with a laminate material depending what finish they're looking to achieve.

Mailers - In form of a leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, supplied flat or folded, different sizes, many shapes and material as the list is endless. Please visit our Print Site to find the best option to meet your budget. If you're looking for something made to order, then we can help as we're experts at designing new concepts.


Online Print

CMB Print operates as a stand alone commercial printer which belongs within the CMB Group. This gives our clients an extra benefit of using our agency design services and as such special offers are offered to all clients.
The prices are extremely competitive, if you click on the links above your can readily see what you'll pay and we'll give a further 10% discount for using our design services.

Made to Order

This is our bespoke service, if you're looking for something to stand out or be unique we can often do this using the shape of your products and services within the printed material.
There's a misconception this service will be very expensive, often it's not or do the volumes need to be very high.