Promotional Products

CMB Promotions supply a Large range of Promotional Products & Items which should be part of any marketing mix. In the past Promotional Products were only used for giveaways, but as marketing has got more complex these are often used with other items and even bespoke made. In total we show over 2000 items on our separate site but there is much more than that available, if you cannot find what you're looking for then please contact the team on 01865 596205

Promo E-flip Catalogue

CMB produces a new catalogue of our most popular promotional products each year. You can order a hard copy via the sales team on 01865 596205.
Many clients now prefer the E-flip version, meaning this paperless method helps facilitate the transition towards a sustainable, a low carbon future.
As part of the agency services, we can create any of your brochures into a E-flip catalogue, either hosted via your web hosting or through our servers.
You can view all our CMB Promotional Products E-flip click here

Workwear & Corporate Clothing

We've put together a large range of promotional clothing that is suitable for most businesses, including the popular sections of polo shirts, t-shirts,
sweatshirts, fleeces, hoodies, jumpers, jackets, trousers, blouses, workwear and much more ... All these clothing items can be personalised with
embroidery, screen print, digital print, dye sublimation or other methods which is often determined by the artwork.
To view our extensive range of personalised clothing products please click here

No Minimum

Imagine being able to order 1 Personalised Branded item for testing a marketing campaign, now you can. We've a selection of products that cover
most of the popular promotional products. These small order items are also popular for branding your office, items such as pens, mugs, coasters,
stationery items like rules, easers, sticky notes just to name a few. Your clients will be impressed with your full branding experience.
You can view all our No Minimum products click here

Unusual Ideas

We've selected a large range of unusual promotional ideas and will be updated throughout the year so please bookmark this page and visit often ...
Items from acrylic condom keyrings, USB's, pens with bespoke clips, clothing, keyrings, air fresheners, tools, charity boxes, through to a Catapult Kits,
that can be assembled by yourself. Of course you can call the team to see what new items will be coming soon on 01865 596205.
Adding your brand/logo to any of our standard range also makes that unique to your company.

Bespoke Made

Branding Identity is an important part of your marketing and our promotional products will be unique to your organisation once branded with your logo.
We also offer a taylor made service producing bespoke products for your brand which can make any campaign successful.
Just send over your brief and let the team review and come back with suggestions.
Adding one of our branded products to your mailing campaign can increase the chance of success, lets face it who doesn't like a "freebie"

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Every year we select over 2,000 Promotional Products for our website, yet we offer over 30,000 so i'm sure we'll find what you're looking for.
Please use our live chat widget to help locate the products, our agents are very experienced and if the product is not shown on the website,
they'll most likely be able to supply these. Otherwise give us a call on 01865 596205 or through the contact form.
Please call our team on 01865 596205.